Path of the Every Day Hero – Conquer the Impossible – FREE Teleconference

Path of the Every Day Hero – Conquer the Impossible – FREE Teleconference

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Are things not happening for you?

It’s like no matter how hard you work you don’t get anywhere. Last time you caught a real break was ages ago.

Every morning you dread getting up and facing another mind-numbingly boring day.

Do you feel lost?

Are you looking for guidance?

It’s like you are faced with so many decisions and you don’t even know which one to take. It’s been so long since you were proud of the choices you made.

So many times you have wanted to change your life and transform yourself, and didn’t know how.

Are you going through a difficult transition?

It’s like everything in your life is changing so fast and you don’t know how to cope. Everything feels so soul-crushinlgy out of control.

You know deep in your heart that change can be good for you, you just don’t know how.

You don’t want to continue living like this.

Do you know its possible to feel different?

I know its possible because I have been there myself and I know exactly how you feel.

So I created a powerful online experience for you where we go on a deep transformative journey.

Join me and a group of fellow adventurers on July 15th online and we will explore the following and more:

-Effective breathing and visualization techniques to calm your mind and get you centered

-Creative practices to help you feel better about yourself and your life

-Juicy practices to vent and release negative emotions

-Powerful exercises to boost your self-esteem

Give me 90 minutes of your time and I ll introduce you to a calmer, more confident, contended you.

What are you waiting for, join us.

Please have a pen and paper and a hand mirror ready.

It’s best if you attend the live workshop so that you can participate in the exercises and the Q&A. But if you could not make it you can always listen to the recording.

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10440863_10204824840117289_774970544172109953_nHamid R. Baghaie , is a life coach and intuitive who helps his clients awaken their greater personal power. An aikido black belt and reiki master, he received his B.Sc. in computer science from University of Toronto. An avid writer, Hamid started his coaching practice in 2010. When not doing improv theater, and designing web sites, he spends his free time exploring the latest personal development technologies.