$99.99 for 3 one-hour Coaching Sessions, for research purposes, Limited Time Only


Hello there!

I am very excited to make this offer for a limited time.

I’ve been practising a powerful new way to help people handle their fears and frustrations gracefully so that they can get what they really want in life. Since it’s a brand-new approach I want to refine it to optimize its effectiveness. Therefore, I’m looking for a few people for a limited time to work with at a significantly discounted rate ($99.99 for 3 one-hour sessions) for research purposes. To show your interest, you will need to fill out an application form found here: https://activegenerosity.org/HRBC/lowcost-application.  I will be selecting the prospects based on who I feel will be the best fit.

Here are some testimonials for my coaching:

Hamid is one of the most profound, deep and humble coaches I ever met. A magical divine masculine being able to hold safe space wherein you could transcend your shadows into light. By using his connection to a greater consciousness he is more than of service to open the door to your soul and let you embody your divine purpose on this earth in this lifetime. The man really sees you, your soul and where you come from. And therefore also the ways in which you could serve the world most. Apart from holding a safe space, guiding me towards stuck emotions that needed to be released and shining light upon my path, he deeply impressed me by reviewing my art (I am an artist). This man surely has a gift and knows how to embody and use it!

Over the course of two days he made me see a lot of important events in my life in a completely different light which gave me the power and freedom to move beyond them and move on.

I would recommend working with Hamid to anyone who has some inner childwork that needs to be done and who wants to get a deeper understanding and or confirmation of their souls mission/path.


I worked with Hamid for several months in 2015 at a time in my life when I was totally destroyed. Years of repressing pain and anger had caught up to me. I did not even realize I had been keeping in all that emotional disease. I thought I was just “being nice”. YUCK!
Hamid helped me to release a lot of toxic anger and helped me to see that anger is a tool. Anger lets you know when someone has crossed your boundaries. He helped me to learn to stand up for myself and to speak up for myself. He showed me how to guard my precious energy and to not give it away to everyone just because they want it. This was a game changer for me since I had been a door mat for 30+ years.
I highly recommend Hamid as a coach to anyone who wants to step up into their most authentic and empowered self. Hamid is very connected to Spirit and offers incredible guidance channeled from the “other side”. I am very grateful for all the support he has given me over the years.


Hamid as servant of the divine, was embodied in the present and in the transcendent; as he was right there with me! In this case, he unveiled something that had been held onto quite fervently. He assisted in re-viewing where the seeming 1-pointed strength was held and was adept at seeing what other parts wanted a voice, gently nudging me to see that a more “round table” approach to all of the aspects would be a more potent for opening up more psychic energy. Hence this directly translating into better physical health! ~Many Thanks!


I met up with Hamid for a casual chat one day and during the course of our conversation Hamid we touched upon a subject that Hamid immediately recognised as issue, and promptly seized the opportunity for an improumtu session, which shows just how much Hamid is truly committed to being of loving service.

During this session we explored a particularly dark episode during my life and how to use my darkness / shadow side as a springboard into positive creation.

I am very grateful for Hamid’s generosity of spirit and natural ability to hold space.

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