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Why is accessing your inner guidance so crucial?


The trouble with this reality is you are born into a maze full of treacherous pitfalls, deceptive mirages, hidden treasures, and paradoxical cross roads. This reality makes it impossible for you to take the right next step let alone create a sensible, viable, gentle and conscious course for your life.  And still, despite  the considerable danger, there is so many precious treasures to unearth everywhere. If only you had a map, if only you had a guidance mechanism to lead you, if only you had a compass which could lead you to the True North.

As it turns out you do have access to a the most marvelous guidance system, right inside you. The only problem is that it has been gathering dust for decades and it is all but broken. In fact your internal compass does not show the True North, rather its completely unreliable. So if you were to use your internal guidance without actually restoring it first, the results would be nothing short of disastrous. This is because the signals you get appearing as inner guidance are just your wounded parts yelling at you.

Because let’s face it at any given moment inside each one of us there are a dozen warring and hurt inner parts all screaming at the top of their lungs. They are all wounded, broken, angry and loud. They are so loud that you can never hear the sweet song of spirit: your True North.

Remember we talked about hidden treasures and treacherous pitfalls? Well a faulty inner compass will lead you to fall off the pitfalls while completely missing out on the treasures. Remember the old adage, just be yourself? Well I hate to tell you, but just being yourself, and listening to your inner voices can be quite destructive. Imagine if someone is an alcoholic and then decides to quit drinking. So one day under stress they are offered booze, you can bet that their inner wounded parts are going to scream for them to drink.

So then the most important question is how do you get your inner compass aligned with the True North. How does your internal guidance become so accurate that it would always lead you to the treasures while helping you avoid the pitfalls? How would you restore your inner compass that it can help you make the best decision despite the massive lies, programming, deception, agendas that matrix world throws your way? How do you not fall for all the propaganda, the mirages, the fake news, the numerous authorities out there all giving you contradictory information? How do you sift true the massive amount of information overload out there in the world without losing your mind or becoming depressed and delusional, or falsely optimistic? How do you remain grounded yet positive? How do you choose the right path in this massive sea of opposing choices?

The answer is simple by inner work: by finding a way to reconcile, love, and accept all your wounded parts back to an integrated self. Because as you remember the reason your internal compass was so faulty was the huge and consistent interference by your wounded inner parts.

And that’s where working with me comes in. Let me be your guide in this most sacred internal transformational journey. Let me help you discover, acknowledge, understand, appreciate, embrace, celebrate and honour all your wounded parts. Let me help you listen to them and invite them back to join your internal boardroom as valuable honoured experts, guardians and loving partners. Because when you have transformed your internal chaos into a beautiful harmony that’s when you can hear the sweet sound of spirit lovingly guiding you. That’s when your inner compass is being restored.

Inner Family System session.

How can I help you in a session?


A very important truth hidden from you is that you are not just one self but many selves. These selves are your inner family. The majority of your inner family are deeply wounded, confused, misunderstood and at war with each other and that is if you knew about their existence in the first place. During each session I will be your guide and help you discover these lost parts. We will work on understanding, healing your wounded inner parts and leading them to integrate with your healthy parts.

Faced with a maze of confusing paths, treacherous pitfalls, deceptive mirages without a proper guidance system in your life it’s almost impossible to make the right choices. So what happens to you is you keep missing out on life’s hidden treasures while falling victim to its formidable obstacles. With the proper guidance though you can enjoy just how beautiful, fulfilling, and awe inspiring your life can be. The key to achieving such guidance is having an integrated harmonious inner family system.

The difference between living a life guided by spirit and one without is like night and day. When you don’t live a guided life it’s so easy for you to end up in the wrong time, wrong place. It’s so easy for you to miss out on the most significant occurrences in your life. It’s so easy to deviate from your Divine path. With an internal guidance system powered by a harmonious and integrated inner family system ending up in the right time, right place, with the right person in the right situation becomes effortless. It becomes a matter of course. When you live a guided life miracles, magic, synchronicity and serendipity is no longer rare. Instead you become so accustomed to miracles that not having a miraculous day would surprise you.


Hamid performed “psychic surgery” on me back in July to heal an old wound from a past life. Ever since then, my life has been on an upward trajectory. The most important gift was teaching me to “receive”. For most of my life, it has always been easier for me to give, yet not feeling comfortable in receiving. My heart is now wide open to receiving/accepting love and other precious gifts. Thank you, Hamid

Heather A

Hamid is the most intuitive, efficient coach you will ever meet. He is more than a life coach, he is a muse and a healer who has a direct connection with the greater consciousness. He has the power to reignite your inner fire and lead you down the path to your own destiny. A session with Hamid is all about you: with gentle encouragement and ancient wisdom he guides you directly to the source of your healing, for rapid, permanent results you can see and feel. It was fate and destiny that I met Hamid by chance through the most unusual turn of events; I am certain that he was designed for me, and if you are reading this and feel the pull, then he was likely designed for you too. Thank you so much, Hamid you are the best!!

Josephine F,

My experience with Hamid has been illuminating. I met him at a friend’s potluck to brainstorm world solutions. I came to him because I had a feeling he was in touch with something in himself that I also have in me, but I wanted more of a relationship to this inner place. We have had a few sessions and I can honestly say this guy knows how to get to the thing you need to confront inside and accept. He did this so well, mind you, that I was confronted with something inside that I did not want to look at (which is why it was blocked). He held a very safe space to integrate these energies. I can tell that with each session he is not going off of a regimented structure of psychotherapy… he operates outside of the box and uses his intuition and the energetic space between him and his client to discern what actions should be made. Highly recommended for anyone with the courage to go to the next level. 5 stars.

Lauren O,

Hamid is a magical Divine Masculine, his Wisdom is second to no other. If you are led to him he will gently guide you to face your shadows and transcend them into light. He showed me the door to my soul and my half lit embers caught fire. I am so honoured that we crossed paths, he changed my life, no longer weak, he gave me the tools to live the rest of my life with a powerful purpose. I am forever grateful to him for showing me my Truth.
Peggy F

I just experienced my first Life Coaching Session with Hamid and it was absolutely AMAZING. I found him to be very skilled, intuitive and sensitive. In a very short period of time he really seemed to narrow in on my challenges in life and for me it felt like a few sessions in one. We did some mirror work and I found it to be profound, even though I’ve spoken to myself in the mirror before, I never got to the level of compassion and emotion that Hamid was able to encourage me to do. I gained a lot of insight around my wounded little girl and how she’s learned to cope and compensate over the years. I am so grateful and only wished I lived closer to the East Bay so that I could continue to work with Hamid.


Prepare for a fabulous journey of self discovery…look into the mirror and like the reflection you see. To help unlock your mysterious fathoms along the way — Hamid has so many gifts to offer: Intellectual stimulation, Intuitive vision and clarity, and soul-body healing. You will begin to recognize and restructure your relationship patterns, your personal motivations and goals, and even solidify career path confusion. Together you will eradicate the emotional debris and blockages in order to achieve what you truly deserve out of life! I have been a client of Hamid’s for the past year. The 30 sessions we have shared have been dramatically life-changing and affirming. I am now existing on a different vibrational level. The grace I feel everyday is astounding! I am accepting an abundance of good things constantly coming my way. I have learned to give myself love, respect, and truth. In working with Hamid I promise a regrowth of self esteem and self-love. Suddenly, the world around you becomes an interconnected harmonious dance — one which supports you completely — and in every moment is conspiring to make all your dreams come true!

Amy Lynn Cote

Hamid Baghaie has been one of the most trans-formative individuals I have ever had the good fortune to meet. Literally, from the first time I worked with Hamid I was able to reach places within myself that had previously blocked and created limitation to my joy, clarity, and intimacy. Without exception, the times I have done integration work with Hamid I have taken a quantum leap in areas of life that I thought and felt (yes, beliefs and emotion are core pieces to integration 🙂 were just not going to be available for change. Hamid has a kind, respectful, and nurturing approach while being emphatically clear as to where a person needs to be led to literally…integrate! He does so without attachment or being judgmental therefore allowing me (and yes maybe you) to be fully at choice to shift and grow. I have done personal growth work in all areas of my life, and worked with incredibly well respected healers, career coaches,etc. since the self help movement was in full swing in the 1970’s. I have a strong skill set as a result in the arenas of health, wealth, relationship, and career. My personal truth and belief is that at a certain point in the integration process a person needs to be graced to truly access one’s life force, energetic manifestation ability, and expanded life options. Without hesitation, I can attest to the fact that Hamid has been one of those grace moments in the form of a Self Integration Catalyst in my life. I am constantly amazed and awed by the work I have done with Hamid. It is a true pleasure and honor to share this truth with whoever is interested in going to the next level and beyond whatever they had desired and dreamed for in their lives. Thank you Hamid. I would give you six stars but they don’t have extra credit option for care and kindness on yelp!
Jamie Hammond


Wow and Whew. My brother – Thanks deeply for the channeled power of last night. cleansing, insightful and spirit altering magic! Anyone seeking deeper spiritual insight needs to enlist the services of you with stunning speed. Love you brother – that was an actual light ride you took me on after the show! Your gift is immense!
Don Reed,

multi-talented stand-up comedian and ad executive who has been described as a comedic molotov-cocktail of characters

My journey…

My journey of healing



“Emotions are so stupid, and useless. So is art! If something doesn’t have a practical utility I am not interested.”

This is what I used to think until I started doing my inner work in my early 30s because let’s face it I was so incredibly traumatized and lost.

Of course, now I know better. Now I know art is the most important thing that I can imagine because it directly connects to spirit. And emotions have become my most precious source of guidance.

Speaking of being traumatized, In some ways when I think of those days, I feel like I was a dead man walking. Feeling nothing, with no real guidance. I was full of fear, doubt, misgivings, and resentments. I used to believe that if it’s raining outside if I walk out of the door, and there is one brick falling from the sky it would surely hit me. I felt so immensely unlucky, unworthy, bitter, and jaded. I felt I would always end up in the wrong time, wrong place, with the wrong people.

Every relationship I had was with people who massively disrespected me, mistreated me if not downright abuse me.

And this complete failure in establishing relationships and friendships was so obvious in every aspect of my life. You see until age 30, I had basically a grand total of 0 friends, I had never had a girlfriend and I had never been invited to an actual party.

Speaking of feeling inadequate, I felt so insecure that I was terrified of any kind of confrontation. So much so that even if a child yelled at me as an adult I would cower away. And I am not proud to say that this cowardly attitude is the reason I never stood up for myself as a teen growing up bullied and picked on while feeling horrible.

I was also a hugely shy person, with very low-level social skills. I didn’t know how to talk to people and was especially bad at connecting to women. I was so terrified of expressing myself publicly.

You see I can say all of this with no shame because all of this is now well behind me. The beautiful woman you see in this picture is the love of my life and my life partner. And after I started doing my inner work. I have now 1000s of friends and have gone to 1000s of parties. I have been doing improv theater for a decade which has gotten me super comfortable performing in public.  It has also given me plenty of skills to connect with strangers regardless of their gender. Furthermore, now I have an aikido black belt. So I can stand my ground and speak my truth, no more cowering away.

Of course, these successes didn’t happen overnight. It took me many years to get here. I had to do inner family work. I had my own life coach for years. I had to take aikido for years. I had to study improv theater for years. But all of this became only possible because I had true guidance from myself telling me exactly what to do to improve myself and better my life.

And you see this is WHY I feel I can help you in your journey. Because I have been where you are now, and I found a way out of my personal hell. I spoke about my considerable disadvantages early on in my life, so you can see if I can change my life, anyone else can. And the key was inner work to connect to my inner family system. And that’s what I offer to you now a way to restore your inner guidance system by connecting to your inner family.