Case of sacred hunger, scrumptious feast, and our relationship to them…

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  So I have been meaning to tell this story for a long time, I feel its time to do it, so here it goes. Say we are hungry, really hungry and need to be fed, how we respond to this very much depends on our relationship to this hunger: how hungry we are, and how long we have been hungry, how aware of our hunger we are, etc. In one scenario, some of us when hungry [...]

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Gods and Godesses and their connection to feminine and masculine.

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  You see I dont consider masculinity or femininity as so biologically determined rather energy types if you will. Masculine, Yang, Light, Positive. Feminine,Yin, Dark, Negative. Looking at the masculine and feminine qualities as energies rather than being body based allows me to see the glorious importance of the presence of both of these qualities in generous parts and in balance in both Gods and Goddesses. We live in a society which stereotypes masculinity and allows only [...]

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Moonshine in the bucket of water

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  This is a very powerful and poetic way of looking at human condition. This image so beautifully and elegantly represents different aspects of human consciousness, and in so doing gives us a way of understanding ourselves better. See the moon experiences being in this world, thru having its reflection in the water, yet it is not here itself. It’s like saying we are on this earth but not of this earth. Since the moon is not [...]

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You and your reflection

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  You were born as a perfect ball of light. Completely gorgeously perfect, beautiful, magnificent, splendid, magical, indescribable and invisible. The first moment you were traumatized it was like your ball of light got a chokehold. That chokehold did two things it disconnected that part of your energy from you and it created a part of your "personality". In so doing it made part of you visible. As time went by you started having more and more [...]

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Wonder woman

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  I think the depth can be had by having authentic vulnerability. But one can never be vulnerable without being extremely powerful first. Its the idea I have been speaking about, where most people are rigid and armoured on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. The idea is to be opposite. Where one has an incredibly dense yang core like a 1 nano mm sword made of reinforced steel or graphene but the rest [...]

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How to treat a man to honour the Divine Masculine

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  A few years ago I wrote a piece, how to treat a woman as a Goddess, which was well received. It has taken me a few years to write the male counterpart of that piece. I think this is probably because of my own being a servant of Goddess used to giving more than receiving. I now feel I am finally in a place that I can write this piece. So here goes. Before I share [...]

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How do you treat a woman as a goddess?

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  These are some of the ways I treat my Goddess • Never having an agenda when I touch her, so if i m playing with her elbow, I am playing with her elbow maybe for an hour without it needing to lead to anything, because I just enjoy doing it so much in and out of itself. • Staying present and listening to her. I like to play with her body like the most exquisite musical [...]

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3 modes of consciousness

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  so here is the deal I believe there are 3 types of consciousness: knee jerk automatic reaction, normal consciousness and super-consciousness. knee jerk automatic consciousness is when someone punches us we punch him back or cuts us off, we try to cut him off. It happens without any thought processes. Like knee jerk reaction when hit with a hammer. No consciousness applied, just pure instinct and gut reaction. most of us, most of the time live [...]

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Law of attraction and manifestation without being fixated

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so here is the deal, law of attraction works best and its at its most magical when its based on vibrational alignment, as opposed to any other way. But matrix has no magic thus it can not detect / create vibrational alignment, thus is created the sinister fetishistic world of materialism. Allow me to elaborate. You see the most powerful and authentic way of having vibrational alignment is through setting up parameters which are loose and at [...]

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You and the looking glass house

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  So you are sitting in the dark in this space. You are practically engulfed in shadows. That doesn't really bother you. Because you know nothing but the shadows and darkness. You don't even know where you are, what type of room this is. That doesn't seem to matter either. You are just comfortable being in this dark room, just kind of lying there. Then suddenly some sorta light comes out. Your whole view of the room [...]

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Humanity’s Journey to Perfection

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It all began one lazy day, several years ago. I was at my girl friend’s house leisurely leafing through this magazine. I wasn’t really looking for anything specific to read, just perusing. Then something piqued my curiosity. There was this article about this peculiar new concept called holarchy or embeddedness. Casually reading this, I was suddenly completely hooked. I was not only hooked I was excited, perplexed and really intrigued. What was this holarchy which so intrigued [...]

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